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Most managed chat companies have limitations on how many leads you get per month and how many chats you have per month… Chat Attendant has no limitations… so why limit your agencies potential?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best answers to the questions you may have in your head.

Why do I need a web chat service?

Having live chat as an option on your site makes visitors know that you want to be there for them whenever it is convenient to them.  Even if they don’t use the chat, they know it is there when they need it.

What are the benefits of web chat?

  • Live Chat increases conversions by 20%
  • Customers who chat convert 3 to 5 times more.
  • 41% of website visitors prefer live chat over any other platform combined. (32% prefer phone)

What is included in your Premium Chat Package?

Our chat package includes someone monitoring your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  (Excluding some holidays).  In addition, we will provide you with a custom-branded website chat window that is branded similar to how your current website looks.  You will automatically receive both text and email alerts for all leads generated from the website instantly.

How can I drive more leads to my site?

The only way to get a higher conversation rate would be to drive more traffic through to your site.  This is normally done with online advertising through platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, and then sharing your website with everyone!

Who are my customers going to be chatting with?

All of our agents are training specifically to interact with your type of business.  They also are provided with a complete list of information about your business to be able to help your customers get the information they are looking for FAST.

We are real people... not computers or "chat bots".

How will I get the leads after they talk with an agent on my website?

You will be notified by both email, as well as SMS text messages.  These notifications will come to you directly after every customer engagement, so you can follow-up with these leads right away.

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"I was surprised by the amount of traffic that was going to my site and just leaving. Chat Attendant has helped me convert that lost traffic into leads to help me grow my business."

– Chat Attendant Customer

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