How Chat Attendant Helps Insurance Agencies

Having Chat Attendant is like having a sales person on your website for your agency 24 hours a day.  Right now there is no one watching your website and it is as if every person who drives by your storefront passes by without saying hello.  Chat Attendant is the way to get those leads in the door for your agency!

Sign Up For Chat Attendant

Signing up for Chat Attendant is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.  We will then schedule a quick 15 minute “get to know you” phone call so we can learn the best way for us to help your customers and close more leads.  We will then send you the instructions on how to add Chat Attendant to your website.

Website visitor starts chat

Your website will have a branded chat widget for your website that is ready to take on all questions for your customers.  Visitors will be delighted when they realize it is a real person on the other side and not a computerized chat bot.

Chat Attendant Engages With Your Customers

Chat Attendant helps your visitors get to know more about your company and how your products and services can help them.  During this conversation we will aim at getting the visitors Name, email, and phone number so you can followup with the lead.

Chat Attendant Sends Your Lead Information Instantly

You getting lead information quickly is a priority to help you convert leads into sales.  Chat Attendant sends you your leads via email as well as text messages instantly you can respond back to your leads as quickly as possible.

Close The Sale!

Customers came to your website to see what your company is all about.  Now that we have helped you convert these visitors into leads, you have the chance to do what you do best!  Close the sale!

Ready To Get Started?