Managed Chat Service for Small Businesses

What if you had someone ready to engage with your website customers and help you create sales leads?  This is where the power of Chat Attendant comes in…

98% of all website visitors leave without filling out an online form.

Chat Attendant is here to help you convert those visitors into leads for your business.


24/7 Chat Attendant On Your Website

Chat Attendant is active 24 hours a day on your website to help convert visitors into leads.


Live People... Not a "Bot"

Bots are great.  But wouldn’t you rather have your customers talking to an actual person?  Chat Attendant is staffed 100% by humans, not bots.

Convert Leads...Boost Sales

Live chat has been known to increase sales conversions by up to 20%.

Why is live chat important for your website?

  • 98% of website visitors leave without filling out any form on your website.
  • Live chat helps increase conversions by 20%.
  • 41% of website visitors prefer live chat over any other communication platform combined. (32% prefer email)
  • Customers who chat on your website convert 3 to 5 times more into sales.

Engage with your customers

Customers are looking for instant answers and instant contact. Having Chat Attendant on your website allows you to meet this customer need and also allows you to engage with your customers.  Not only does this help your website maximize its value, but it means more satisfied customers.  More satisfied customers, means more sales and long term value.

Managing a web chat can feel like a full time job.

Chat Attendant takes this off of your shoulders and allows you to do what you do best, close sales and run your business.

"I never thought I would have the time to manage all the visitors that came to my site. Now Chat Attendant takes this off of my to do list and I watch the leads come into my email."

– Happy Chat Attendant Customer

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